Frequently Asked Questions

How does offshore development work at TDA Vietnam?

  • Q. What are the characteristics of offshore development at TDA Vietnam?

    The most attractive feature is the abundant workforce. With a rich pool of IT talent, establishing a large-scale development team quickly is entirely feasible.

  • Q. How does the personnel respond to holidays in Vietnam when Japanese customers have urgent requests?

    TDA has a team of personnel in Tokyo to promptly respond to cases where customers require immediate attention. During long holidays in Vietnam, such as the Lunar New Year (around the end of January to early February), apart from the fixed staff in the Tokyo office, we also have a plan to utilize freelancers.

Introducing TDA

  • Q. What kind of company is TDA?

    TDA Group has two offices in Vietnam and Japan. Established in 2019, TDA is currently in its 4th year of operation with many new milestones. Despite starting in a challenging time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, TDA has continuously expanded its scale, achieved numerous accomplishments, and collaborated with large, publicly listed companies.

  • Q. For projects with Japanese clients, can TDA effectively exchange and communicate?

    TDA has a high-quality workforce with a sufficient number of Japanese-speaking engineers to support clients in various projects. All members working at TDA's Tokyo office can effectively communicate in Japanese at N2 level or higher. In fact, we have worked with many Japanese clients and earned trust for future projects.

  • Q. How can clients contact TDA for projects in Vietnam?

    TDA Vietnam has an official office at the following address: 2nd Floor, Richy Building, 35 Mac Thai To, Cau Giay, Hanoi. Clients or organizations interested in discussing business matters can visit this address directly or contact TDA through the phone number provided on the website or by leaving their information via the Contact button at the top of the page.

Ordering and Contract Signing

  • Q. How are payments handled for projects at TDA?

    TDA accepts payments in VND in Vietnam and Yen in Japan. Please leave your information through the contact section so that TDA's Sales and Accounting departments can provide more detailed information.

  • Q. Can customers visit the offices in Vietnam and Japan?

    TDA always welcomes visits from customers and partners to its two offices. To receive the most courteous and warm reception, please get in touch with TDA's Sales department!

  • Q. From a legal perspective, when placing an order in Japan, are all procedures the same as with other Japanese companies?

    TDA Corp is a Japanese legal entity. All business transaction activities are conducted just like any other typical Japanese company.

About Project Development

  • Q. What is the frequency of project meetings during development? Can customers request additional ad-hoc meetings?

    The frequency of project meetings varies depending on each project. Customers can absolutely request additional ad-hoc meetings if any issues arise or if they need more information.

  • Q. How does TDA support customers with no experience in offshore project management?

    TDA supports customers with a management approach that we have accumulated and applied over time. TDA typically advises customers to start with a small scale, assess how the process and management methods are working, and then expand the scale.

  • Q. How does TDA ensure project security?

    TDA can provide a secure environment by setting up dedicated workspaces at the Hanoi office and installing access control systems and dedicated lines. For more details on this, please contact TDA's business representative.

  • Q. Concerns about quality in offshore development

    TDA has an excellent team with extensive experience working at various large companies and corporations in Japan and Vietnam. We can tailor the development approach to be the most suitable and optimal for each customer. TDA can make proposals with quality content that satisfies all domestic and international customer groups.

Other Issues

  • Q. When there are bugs after the product is released, does TDA respond?

    TDA is always ready to respond when there are bugs. The specific terms of the warranty for post-release product issues will be discussed in detail in the contract and agreed upon by both parties.

  • Q. Does TDA provide product release support services?

    TDA provides support for releasing web applications, registering for mobile applications, and more.