TDA provides various types of services to cater to the diverse needs of different customer groups. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for consultation and support.

Offshore Development in Labo Style
TDA will establish an expert team to execute the customer's project under a Time and Material contract. This development format is increasingly used by businesses worldwide to address the shortage of IT manpower. At TDA, Japanese-speaking BrSEs will support customers in every phase of the project, from idea conception to deployment.
Suitable for customers who:
  • Want to ensure detailed technical aspects are carefully examined.
  • Want engineers to be able to start working immediately.
  • Want to accumulate research and development results.
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    Offshore Development in Project Base Style

    TDA offers end-to-end software development services, from idea conception to operation and maintenance. We have a team of professional engineers ready to listen and support customers in Japanese. TDA will propose a development plan tailored to customer needs and provide guidance on using the software effectively. In addition to web and mobile development, we also support related development environments such as databases and infrastructure.

    Time and Attendance Management System

    An internal staff evaluation system for accounting, tax, finance, startup support, and business expansion consulting companies. This system is also used as a support tool for consulting operations by placing staff evaluation procedures on the web.

    Education Support System Development

    A request from a customer involved in the education support business with a market share of about 50% in the education support field. We have developed a support system to help high school students and universities connect more easily.

    EC Shop Development

    The customer required an application that differentiated itself from other companies. We developed an application that not only allowed product registration but also enabled buyer and seller matchmaking and credit card payments.

    Manga App

    We connect IoT monitoring devices and smartphones via Bluetooth. When the monitoring device detects an anomaly, it sends alerts through the phone app. The software prevents risks by contacting pre-registered addresses.

    Operation and Maintenance

    After the software has been developed and deployed, it is crucial to ensure that it continues to function well. TDA offers operation and maintenance services, including routine tasks such as system and server monitoring, as well as ad hoc tasks in the event of issues. At TDA, we will continue to support customers in updating and optimizing technology with our experience.

    Website Operation

    We provide comprehensive support for website operations. Additionally, we support the installation of suitable metrics and log analysis to verify effectiveness and implement a PDCA to ensure system performance.

    Application Operation

    We update the operating system, verify actual devices for selling new smartphone models, and perform necessary tasks to ensure the continued smooth operation of the application. We can also report user data, such as usage frequency.

    System Maintenance

    We monitor server resources for web system operation and maintenance. TDA accurately captures the status of each component, such as CPU, memory, I/O disk, network, and proposes effective countermeasures. Additionally, we can be entrusted with the task of "guardianship", such as detecting downtimes and quickly addressing abnormal values.

    System Building Consultation

    We help customers build custom information technology systems, from identifying needs to designing functionality and system architecture. We provide an ecosystem of services from project inception to system improvement and renewal.

    Project Planning

    We participate in projects from the early planning stage, outlining IT strategies such as requirements, functions, team formation, schedule, and progress.

    Product Improvement

    We regularly update applications to enhance functionality and improve security. TDA combines the latest technology to increase efficiency and security.

    System Renewal

    Minimize operational risks due to system downtime and large-scale renewal associated with business expansion. We propose the services needed, from analyzing the existing system to planning replacement.