TDA typically receives 2 types of development orders: Labo-based development and Project-based development. TDA will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each type and propose a suitable development approach for the client's project. We will shape the client's ideas after introducing the current technologies.



TDA uses a time material contract, which means the client only needs to pay for TDA's employees and the materials needed to complete the project. Within the contract period, the client will not have to pay any additional costs, even if the client's requirements change or need adjustments.

This is a common development approach at TDA, which allows us to ensure excellent human resources in both the short and long term, while saving costs compared to organizing a development team in Japan.

Flexibility in case of requirement changes and additional features.
Accumulating experience about the client's services and systems.
Can add, modify, operate, and maintain based on user feedback.
Client management and confirmation tasks will be more than the Project-based approach.
Without a certain amount of work, it may reduce cost-effectiveness.



TDA uses a project base contract, which means TDA will receive the client's requirements and develop applications based on those requirements. TDA recommends this approach for projects where the client's requirements and technical specifications are almost finalized. We will quickly complete and deliver the application ahead of schedule.

Among the clients who are considering Labo-based development, there are clients working with TDA for the first time using the Project Base approach and find it very suitable.

Cost and schedule are easy to understand.
Less client management and verification work compared to Labo approach.
Additional fees may be applied for changes in technical requirements.
It may be challenging to accumulate development experience.

We Ensure Data and Application Security in the Development Office.

At TDA, we prioritize the protection of our clients' intellectual property. All employees are trained in security and adhere to strict security management. For projects with high-security requirements, we can provide additional security solutions, such as setting up dedicated workspaces, limiting development team members, ensuring a specific number of staff, or entering into long-term contracts.

Client's Request
Desire to maintain a stable number of personnel in the working environment
Desire to establish a dedicated connection to Japan and work in a VPN environment
Concerns about managing PCs borrowed by TDA
Setting up a dedicated workspace
Arranging dedicated workspaces separate from common working areas
Preparing secured workspace with locks
Ability to connect to VPN
Manage and operate dedicated workspaces
Fixed team members with entry and exit managed by IDs
Regularly inspect devices
Conduct regular security checks and reports
We Ensure Data and Application Security in the Development Office.