Building an eCommerce Website Quickly and Cost-Effectively

  • Project base
  • 3 months
  • PHP
  • WooComerce
  • Firebase
  • GCP
  • Basic design
  • Coding
  • Unit test
  • Integration test
  • Build infra environment
  • BrSE : 1 member
  • Engineer : 4 member
  • Tester : 1 member
  • EC Shop

    The customer is expanding their business model into eCommerce through a large online sales platform, and they are considering building their own eCommerce website. They want to create their own eCommerce website while ensuring a fast implementation, low costs, and easy maintenance. Initially, the project could have been developed using the Scratch programming language. However, to shorten the development time and ensure stability, TDA proposed developing the application using an eCommerce platform. The eCommerce platform comes with a variety of features and utilities, reducing development work. Additionally, TDA assigned a Japanese designer to create a user interface tailored to Japanese preferences.

    Customer Issues
    Lack of personnel for maintenance
    Short development time and low cost
    Desire to provide an eCommerce website for the Japanese market
    TDA's Solution
    Developed using an eCommerce platform
    Significantly shorten development time and ensure stability
    Hired a Japanese designer